B2C poster for POS at movie theatres
B2C brochure for POS at movie theatres
Business Cards
B2B Brochure
Roll-up for B2B Conferences
Design and layout concept of marketing collateral for B2C and B2B communication following a comprehensive rebranding.
Initial branding concept and logo development by BÜRO BLOOCK

Client: CINURU, Summer 2019 | Berlin, Germany.

Archive: Former Branding & Logo (2017—2019):

Former branding and logo design for B2C and B2B communication, September 2017

Business Cards

Development of brand mascot. Head shape is based on the figurative mark of the logo. 

Several adaptations of the mascot. See also here.

Development of icons for app navigation.

Implementation of illustrations into the app. 

Examples for ads, posters, flyers, wobbler and slides which were displayed at participating cinemas in Germany. 

Foldable Leaflet and Postcards

Exhibition Stand and Roll-Up

Sample photos of trade exhibition (B2B) and marketing materials at POS (B2C). 

Sample photos of communication and marketing materials at POS (B2C).

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